How to make avian treats rlcraft

In the RLcraft modpack for Minecraft, making Avian Treats can be useful for taming and breeding Avian creatures. To make Avian Treats in RLcraft, follow these steps:

Ingredients You’ll Need:

  • Raw Chicken (obtained by killing chickens)
  • Bone (obtained by killing skeletons or other mobs)


  1. Gather Raw Chicken and Bones:
    • First, you’ll need to obtain raw chicken and bones. You can find raw chicken by killing chickens in the game. Bones can be obtained by defeating skeletons or other hostile mobs.
  2. Craft Avian Treats:
    • Once you have both raw chicken and bones in your inventory, open the crafting table interface.
    • Place one piece of raw chicken and one bone anywhere in the crafting grid. The arrangement doesn’t matter; they can be placed in any slots.
    • Crafting Avian Treats will consume the raw chicken and bone, resulting in the creation of Avian Treats.
  3. Collect Your Avian Treats:
    • After crafting, you’ll receive Avian Treats in your inventory. These treats can be used to tame and breed Avian creatures in RLcraft.

Avian Treats are essential for taming and breeding Avian creatures like Cockatrices, Geonachs, and Ventoraptors in RLcraft. Simply right-click or interact with the Avian creature while holding Avian Treats to tame or breed them.

Remember that RLcraft is a modpack for Minecraft known for its difficulty, so be prepared for various challenges and dangers while playing.

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