How to make bingo bags

Making bingo bags is a fun and practical sewing project that allows you to carry your bingo supplies in style. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make your own bingo bags:

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Two coordinating fabric pieces for the outer and inner layers (cotton or canvas works well)
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Fabric marker or chalk
  • Ribbon or cord for drawstrings
  • Safety pin
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Bingo daubers, markers, or other bingo supplies (to determine bag size)


1. Measure and Cut the Fabric:

  • Decide on the size of your bingo bag based on the bingo supplies you want to carry. A typical size is about 10 inches by 12 inches. Add an extra inch to each dimension for seam allowances.
  • Cut two identical rectangles from your outer fabric and two from your inner fabric.

2. Prepare the Drawstring Casing:

  • On one of the short edges of each inner fabric piece, fold over about 1 inch of fabric to the wrong side and press with an iron.
  • Fold the fabric over again about 1 inch to create a casing for the drawstring. Press and pin in place.
  • Sew along the bottom edge of the casing, leaving the sides open. Repeat for the other inner fabric piece.

3. Attach the Outer and Inner Fabrics:

  • Place the two outer fabric rectangles right sides together, and pin along three sides, leaving the top (uncut edge) open.
  • Place the two inner fabric rectangles right sides together, and pin along three sides, leaving the top (uncut edge) open.

4. Sew the Bags:

  • Sew along the three sides of both the outer and inner fabric pieces, using a 12-inch seam allowance. Leave the top edge open.

5. Box the Corners (Optional):

  • To create a flat bottom for your bingo bag, you can box the corners. Pinch the corners together so that the side seam aligns with the bottom seam. Measure about 1 inch from the tip of the corner and draw a straight line across. Sew along this line for both the outer and inner bags.

6. Turn the Bags Right Side Out:

  • Turn both the outer and inner bags right side out through the top openings. Press them flat with an iron.

7. Insert the Inner Bag:

  • Place the inner bag (the one with the drawstring casing) inside the outer bag, aligning the top edges.

8. Insert the Drawstrings:

  • Cut two pieces of ribbon or cord, each about 24 inches long.
  • Attach a safety pin to one end of each drawstring and thread it through the drawstring casing on one side of the inner bag, going all the way around and coming out on the same side.
  • Repeat the process with the second drawstring on the other side of the inner bag.

9. Knot the Drawstrings:

  • Tie the ends of each drawstring together in a knot to secure them. You can trim any excess if desired.

10. Finish the Bag:

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– Push the inner bag into the outer bag, and your bingo bag is complete!

Your homemade bingo bag is now ready to carry your bingo supplies to your next game. Feel free to personalize it with fabric choices, embroidery, or embellishments to make it uniquely yours.

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