Why is there a rapid rise in CSK’s share price?

If you want to mix sports and investment, you have come to the right place to know about the rapid rise in CSK share price. Millions in India worship cricket as a religion; it has been a significant source of entertainment for many decades. Also, it is one of the good things the British gave us when we left our country in 1947. However, by shortening the match duration to one day and winning the World Cup in 1983, cricket became the most popular sport in India. Also, BCCI, the board of control for cricket in India, is responsible for starting the T20 matches to shorten the match duration further to make it more exciting and thrilling for fans. It is here that CSK, or Chennai Super Kings IPL franchisee, became the most populist team and also the first sports unicorn in India. The continuous winning of cups five times and runners-up five times, along with its unique business model and spectacular financial results year after year, makes CSK a shining star in the sports world and a hidden treasure in the financial world. 

So, let us dive deep to know why there is a continuous rise in the CSK stock price to rise over 15 times in the last five years and also a rapid increase in the previous few months to buy it from the top broker to get high ROI or return of investment. 

Track of the CSK share price from Rs. 14 to Rs. 215

CSK, though one of the founding IPL franchisees in 2008, its unlisted shares started trading in the grey market only in 2018. It started at a humble price of Rs. 14 in November 2018, as investors were unsure if a sports enterprise would have a high revenue and profit. However, with the backing of India Cements and its chairman, the BCCI, and the ICC president, CSK developed a unique business model to become the first sports unicorn in India. In the FY 2019, CSK posted a spectacular revenue of over 400 crore rupees as income generated from many sources, including ticket sales and sponsorships. As the yellow jersey was synonymous with Dhoni and CSK, merchandise sales are increasing yearly to improve profits. 

CSK stock price increased from Rs. 14 in 2018 to an all-time high of Rs. 215 in 2022. However, with growing acquisitions, starting sports academies, TNPL, and others, the price came down to Rs. 160 in December 2023. Again, the CSK stock price rose from the year low to trade at an all-time high rate because of favorable market conditions and a doubling of profits in FY 23. The CSK share price trading around Rs. 190 is the Apple of the Indian stock market to give high returns. 

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